Modern Slavery and the Path to Freedom

Slavery is an invention of humans. Regardless of race or location on mother Earth, humans have enslaved others for the purpose of sex, labor or war for more than three thousand years. Slavery has been an activity practiced throughout history, and in spite of education and beneficial enlightenment, slavery is practiced in every country by every race to this very day.

Our acceptance of slavery seems to be ingrained in our DNA, and cultures today accept it as normal. We find purpose in our lives by being either masters who control the lives and welfare of others, or to be treated as the property of those masters.

It is true that there fewer places where people are publicly bought and sold.

What is also true is that the “masters” have traded their whips and chains for a less physically but equally life altering violence via the tools of politics. The masters have left the plantations and now reside in local and national governments. Slaves are controlled by such weapons as passports, taxes, government education / indoctrination centers known as public schools, propaganda / groupthink media, and coercive laws and rules by the unlawful agencies managed by unelected masters who answer to no one.

Domestication of large populations by present day masters requires the constant use of the weapon of taxation – the taking of most or all of the wealth of its slaves to punish undesired behavior. Masters then dole some of the confiscated wealth of others to slaves to reward “acceptable” behavior similar to how farmers raise cattle or horses in the form of health care, shelter and feed; farmers who elect to prematurely butcher livestock when they do not conform to the role demanded of them. Masters are as single minded as farmers, but use prisons, the judicial system and / or the withholding of financial rewards to nonconforming populations.

While populations of areas of the Earth such as Russia and mainland China have lived as slaves for millennium and have accepted their fate without resistant or resentment, an awakening unwittingly occurred when the European governments funded then found what is known as the American continent.

Caught in the precious metal and resources looting fever resulting in the discovery of the Americas, the masters of European populations were unprepared for a historical first that would undermine their heretofore dominance of man.

Known today as American exceptionalism, the world’s masters had no idea that a wild animal such as a horse or human would harbor such extreme notions such as independence, individualism and personal freedom to choose where to live, what to think and who to associate with.

In spite of the world’s superpower sending armies and fleets of ships to destroy this behavioral aberration conceived in the American colonies, the idea that humans would want liberty and could both find freedom and thrive without a master’s iron will or fist took hold and led to the creation of a new nation, the United States of America. The prosperity and quality of life was and still is without equal on planet Earth, and slaves of other lands and masters continue to risk their lives and abandon their property and wealth in a feverish gamble to survive the trip and become a part of the American way of life or at least provide that life for their children.

For the first time in humankind’s existence, HOPE was born. The United States was her mother and HOPE’s father was the brave colonists who unselfishly and voluntarily sacrificed life and wealth for the benefit of their families, children and generations yet to be born here and throughout the world.

HOPE for humankind is in jeopardy of dying at the hands of present day masters. Many citizens of these glorious United States have unwittingly become slaves by masters who once again wield the blunt weapons that work so well overseas. Citizens are in thrall to a media who create conflict, confusion and violence, in thrall to a master who has conditioned them to believe their existence and quality of life will not exceed the meager freebies paid for by the efforts of others.

The failure to teach simple math, finance, reading or reasoning skills is purposeful to dull the minds of the descendants who created this bastion of freedom. The purpose of teaching others that they are victims, that American exceptionalism is a dirty four-letter word is to undermine and destroy the hard-won inheritance of freedom and opportunity for a quality of life previously and presently paid for by the blood of their ancestors, brothers, fathers and sisters.

I am in the process of writing a movie on the topic of Modern Slavery, and am seeking donations of money and talent in order to fully research this topic and to create a documentary movie. The movie is intended to show how we have been and continue to be manipulated to live a horrible life that is far less than envisioned by our parents; and show how we can take back the principles that made our nation great to rediscover our path to freedom.